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Hardware, Embedded Systems reviews the ThinkPad X300. "The ThinkPad X300 is an exercise in balance. It's designers were tasked with balancing performance and usability with size and weight and they did an excellent job."
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RE: Design
by remenic on Sun 16th Mar 2008 15:40 UTC in reply to "Design"
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I have a Thinkpad 600 (from 1999) and a Macbook. Both are very similar in size and weight. The Macbook is completely white, while the IBM is completely black, but both are simply beautiful.

Many of the clones to fine too, though. I have also owned an Acer Ferrari 3000, and while it's a pretty good looking laptop, it looks like a device will a limited life-span. Hell, it already has had several revisions, so that probably means a lot of people didn't like the looks that much. Oh and I had to bring it in for repairs, twice, too.

The Thinkpad on the other hand is indestructible and timeless. In fact, It's still working! I expect the Macbook to last a long time too. Apple and IBM. The rest are just cheap clones, copying the originals.

My next "PC laptop" will be a Thinkpad again. No doubt about that. At first I was disappointed when IBM handed over the Thinkpad line to Lenovo, but so far they seem to be doing fine.

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