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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Asus has big plans for its little laptop and to the dismay of purists and Penguinistas, those plans centre on Windows. The company expects to sell five million Eee PCs this year, and Asus CEO Jerry Shen predicts that 'about 60 percent of these' will run XP rather than the Xandros OS with which the mini-note debuted."
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Not convinced about the figures...
by weckart on Mon 14th Apr 2008 17:40 UTC
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On the 900 model about to ship WinXP comes with 12GB ssd and Xandros with 20GB. That would persuade enough to buy the Linux version and copy/pirate an existing copy of XP onto it.

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Why would you want to put XP on it? Granted, I'd rather put Mandriva or Ubuntu or Debian on it than Xandros, but I wouldn't want XP on it.

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Why would you want to put XP on it?

Come one. You should know the answer to that question. Just look at market dominance in the home user and business sectors and you will see that Windows is an easy sell to people. Markets are pretty much blind. They are rules by previous learning and sticking with what is comfortable. If you want to make cash you go after the biggest markets. This is capitalism 101 my friend.

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Why would you want to put XP on it?

Perhaps because you can run your current Windows software?

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Why would you want to put XP on it?

Because the XP version of the eeePC is the version which isn't pre-loaded with cruft.

A lot of computer manufacturers reduce costs by pre-installing software that gives kickbacks. And the eeePC's pre-loaded software list includes a lot of commercial interests: Google, Mozilla, OpenOffice, Skype, Wikipedia, et al.

If $80 is the tax we have to pay to not have our computers preloaded with dubious 'helpful' software and adverts that we have to spend weeks removing -- if, indeed, they can be removed at all -- then I'll pay that extra $80.

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