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Windows When Vista was released, and the first reviews started to trickle in, it became apparent that Vista was a massive release - not only in terms of money spent on it by Microsoft and the amount of promotion, but also the operating system itself. It was huge, and it felt as such too. Despite what many have been saying the past year, Vista is, in fact, much more than just XP with a new theme. Basically every framework and feature has been rewritten, lots of new ones have been added, and, according to some, the process of modularisation has started with Vista (and Server 2008). It may come as no surprise that all these changes resulted in a whole boatload of bugs and breakage, which led many people to conclude that Vista was simply not as "done" as it should have been when released. Steve Ballmer confirmed these sentiments in a speech at Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals conference in Seattle.
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Maybe I'm missing the point, but...
by JCooper on Fri 18th Apr 2008 12:30 UTC
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... why not just have one version of Windows, that has everything in it, for one price?

Ars talk about how modularising Windows would let home users cherry pick their functionality, ditto business customers, but why not just have it all available anyway for one price, then let the OEM/user/sys admin decide what gets layered into the build/windows install.

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This is about maximising profits. Each audience has a price point where it is just so willing to depart from their cash - finding these points is what economics students go to school for.

There is not much difference between a BMW 520 and an M5 either - bigger engine, some goodies, but all in all, it does not make it 4x more expensive to produce. Have you ever wondered why they don't build M5s only, selling them to us at a reasonable 25.000 USD ? Because there are people who can and will afford 150.000 USD, that's why. And that is why we have 9 flavours of Vista, too.

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Because there are people who can and will afford 150.000 USD, that's why

I hear you. But it's still sad to think that people with such resources would squander them on such useless trifles. Think of the good that $150,000 might do spent in some other way. This world needs a few miracles, not more ego gratification.

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