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Qt Nokia will introduce Qt to the maemo platform in addition to GTK+. The first actual step will be the distribution of the Qt libraries for application development in during 4Q2008. Nokia wants to explore cross-platform possibilities between S60 and maemo. It is interesting also to check the interest in the developer community for Qt in the tablets. This is also a way to attract more attention from the KDE community, a sensible move especially if the Trolltech acquisition gets completed.
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I am not sure
by rayx on Sun 20th Apr 2008 11:57 UTC
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I got a N800 recently. While I think Hildon UI is neat, I can't see any thing innovative in it. It is still a desktop in its essence(but tailed for a small screen) and not that intuitive and easy to use as I would expect a device targeted for consumers(I mean, people who haven't used computer before) should have.

However, I really like canola's UI, an application written by people in nokia INGT. Actually I wonder why the whole UI framework is not designed around that UI style and use the underlying technology(evas and edje, which I knew litte before).

So, Why does it matter to bring another toolkit? Will this make the device easier to use? I don't think so. The news said that it could attact more developers. But I think sometime the UI is at least the same important than what an application can actually do(iPhone has approved that, I think).

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RE: I am not sure
by jabbotts on Sun 20th Apr 2008 12:19 in reply to "I am not sure"
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I use keepass on all my systems. porting qt means keepass can be run on my n800 too. opening maemo too apps like that is a big gain.

i'd like too see more toolkits. Canola2 is great but adding it's own toolkit means some missing button support. i'd like to see more toolkits though. the hardware is capable of much more than current software. i'd even like too see distros like the eeepc.

(if I was writing from an 810, I'd have more capital letters though)

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