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Hardware, Embedded Systems The road to the One Laptop Per Child has been riddled with humps and bumps, such as hardware issues, the failure of the 'G1G1' scheme, and the inability to reach the USD 100 price mark, culminating in the resignation of the project's president yesterday. Now, Negroponte, the project's founder and chairman, has stated something that might alienate the project's strongest supporters even further: the OLPC might evolve into using Windows XP only.
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RE[3]: Surely he jest?
by tomcat on Thu 24th Apr 2008 20:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Surely he jest?"
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No, because buying Windows XP's license to a supposedly "cheap" laptop is a bad joke.

Apparently, the joke is on you, because it's more likely that MS will pay the OLPC project to incorporate XP -- and that's why this change has occurred. Why, you ask? Because MS (in its own self-interest) will ensure that the next wave of con$umers starts using -- and continues to use -- MS software. And, in the end, if there is no price difference for end-users, you don't have anything legitimate to complain about.

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