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Slackware, Slax One of the oldest Linux distributions, Slackware, has pushed out another release. "Well folks, it's that time to announce a new stable Slackware release again. So, without further ado, announcing Slackware version 12.1! Since we've moved to supporting the 2.6 kernel series exclusively (and fine-tuned the system to get the most out of it), we feel that Slackware 12.1 has many improvements over our last release (Slackware 12.0) and is a must-have upgrade for any Slackware user."
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I thought Slackware was the oldest distribution?

Oldest one still going, I believe.

Slackware itself is a fork of the Softlanding Linux System, founded by Peter MacDonald in mid-1992.

"SLS was the first release to offer a comprehensive Linux distribution containing more than the Linux kernel and basic utilities"

"Patrick Volkerding decided to modify SLS by tweaking and cleaning it up. He called his finished work Slackware."

"Similarly Ian Murdock's frustration with SLS led him to create the Debian project."

So SLS was the progenitor of both Slackware and Debian.

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So SLS was the progenitor of both Slackware and Debian.

Following a reference link in that Wikipedia page reveals that Debian wasn't just a fork of SLS. Ian Murdock writes:
"This is a release that I have put together basically from scratch; in other words, I didn't simply make some changes to SLS and call it a new release. I was inspired to put together this release after running SLS and generally being dissatisfied with much of it, and after much altering of SLS I decided that it would be easier to start from scratch."

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