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Oracle and SUN Engadget got the chance to sit down with Jonathan Schwartz, the pony-tailed CEO of Sun Microsystems. Being the gadget blog that they are, Engadget asked Schwartz about the long-missing JavaFX Mobile platform Sun has promised, Java on the iPhone, and competing with Microsoft as an open source vendor.
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by Kebabbert on Sun 4th May 2008 13:27 UTC
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My favourite company! Why a loss and why sack people? Nooo! I hope it isnt because SUN is the only company who had changed strategy to open source everything and giving away everything? At SUN you dont pay for the software, you pay for support. Is this the wrong way to go, to give away everything? I dont know of any other big old proprietary IT company open sourcing everything? Not IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, etc has done it. Maybe within 10 years it turns out that SUN should have instead closed everything and force customers to pay? Maybe this is the beginning of the end for SUN? Or? Should SUN close everything and charge, now that SUN has a huge customer base? Or? Why can a crappy client OS that is "collapsing under its own weight" sell good, but not SUNs superior technology; ZFS, DTrace, etc?

Look at this magic PHP example with DTrace (it is doable with Java too):

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RE: Argh!
by ari-free on Sun 4th May 2008 13:55 in reply to "Argh!"
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the sun will come out tomorrow. You can bet on it.

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