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OSNews, Generic OSes Ever since I started using computers, I've been baffled by the relative clumsiness of installing applications. Whether we are talking the really old days (launching the Rambo game off a tape), the '90s (running Keen or using installers in Windows 95), or the modern days (still those installers, but now also package management and self-contained applications); it's all relatively cumbersome, and they all have their downsides. I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and come up with my idealistic, utopian method of installing, running, updating, and uninstalling applications.
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A couple of thoughts on system
by Angel Blue01 on Mon 5th May 2008 23:57 UTC
Angel Blue01
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We should also have a /Users/Common directory for documents (and a /Settings/Common for settings) that all users on the system need access to. Of course the system needs to support user-controlled file permissions so User 1 can grant write privaleges to User 2 to a directory he owns but not allow User 3 to read it without being a System user and needing create a group.

What about file associations? I know this could be handled by the window manager but I'd like some central database of what applications are associated with what files, even on a user by user basis. On Computer 1 Firefox should be the default browser for all users but Computer 2 User 1 wants to use Firefox while User 2 likes Konqueror.

This new program management is the best idea I have ever heard for managing programs!

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