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Bugs & Viruses 1983. The year of the IBM PC XT, the Apple Lisa, Pioneer 10 leaving the solar system, and Hooters opening up shop in Florida. It's also the birthyear of a 25 year old BSD bug, squashed only a few days ago.
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RE[3]: HEH
by JonathanBThompson on Mon 12th May 2008 01:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: HEH"
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Ah, shows you have absolutely no clue what I've developed in the past, or what I'm developing now:

1. Various CD premastering/analysis utilities, some multithreaded: a patent was involved with one project as I worked on the code for making CD+/CD-PLUS format (whatever they're calling it these days). Oh, that also involved me having to hack the Linux kernel because it wasn't setup to do what was needed previously.

2. Engine monitoring software for Cummins diesel engines from pickup-sized to ship engine-sized.

3. CNC/press brake software: yeah, I bet you'll have to look that up! Multithreading throughout, and oh yeah, if that's wrong, machinery is damaged and people may die, no exaggeration.

4. 3D CAD software: at least as complicated for all edge cases as an OS.

5. MPP cluster-based database running on linux, currently in use on smaller systems than what it'll be in a month or two, which is 1024 node system. Oh, yes, the database itself, not a "database application" and yes, it's at one of the big internet companies, and this database beats Oracle's best offerings for speed and running costs right now. I'm currently working as the white box QA engineer.

Before you have a clue what other people have done and have experience in, you really should think carefully. Fact of the matter is, this BSD bug has been there 25 years and was known by others. Sure, it's a multithreaded bug, but it isn't rocket science for this one, and it has been known about for several years before it was finally fixed, even though it was known to effectively lose data.

You seriously need to not assume things you don't have a clue about.

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RE[4]: HEH
by MordEth on Tue 13th May 2008 11:57 in reply to "RE[3]: HEH"
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This is the internet. One should almost always assume that someone out there will make baseless assumptions about the things you post. @.~

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Also, it's probably safe to assume that there will be people out there that doubt your claims regarding the nature of your current projects. [citation needed]

See also:

EDIT: The Wikipedia joke was written before bothering to look at the parent poster's page, which details (to paraphrase: screen captures forthcoming) an unfinished project last updated in 2005. It was not intended to mock the parent poster. After all, I haven't done anything with my page (apart from halfheartedly moving it to different servers and updating a few links) in nearly five years. Paying web work and laziness always won; mock-ups that never became PHP/HTML/CSS don't really count. *grins*

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RE[4]: HEH
by rockwell on Tue 13th May 2008 16:23 in reply to "RE[3]: HEH"
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Wow, you're cool. Can we bow at your god-like programming feet?

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RE[5]: HEH
by JonathanBThompson on Tue 13th May 2008 19:46 in reply to "RE[4]: HEH"
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Only if you provide me a soft place to fall when I trip over the unexpected body I didn't look to dodge when running/walking!

Oliver would seem to think that just because someone doesn't link/explain everything in their OSNews profile, and he's got something he claims he's done (he might even be telling the truth, but why should I care, or anyone else?) his post implies he thinks that nobody else but him and those he knows from first-hand interaction would be qualified to make such a comment on the topic from experience.

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