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Windows Last week, we reported on a peculiar price difference in Australia between the Linux and Windows versions of the Asus Eee PC 900, the new model in the Eee line. The Windows model was 50 USD cheaper than the Linux model - the Linux model did have a bigger hard drive, but interestingly, the version with the smaller hard drive was not available as a Linux machine. This gave rise to speculation that Microsoft had been putting pressure on Asus to favour Windows XP over Linux. It appears Microsoft's assault in this segment of the market goes deeper than just Asus and the Eee alone.
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RE[6]: "Assault?"
by gonzo on Wed 14th May 2008 01:46 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: "Assault?""
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2. The conditions of the license to limit for certain customers, customers buying ULPC's with less than 1GB Ram etc.

But it is the same for ALL those customers that are deploying XP on those ULPCs (with less than 1GB). They ALL get the SAME deal, if the device is in that category.

For example, both Dell and Asus would pay the same for XP on that kind of device. No preferred treatment.

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