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Red Hat The Fedora team has clearly spent a lot of time trying to refine some of the smaller, but perhaps more common user interface elements in some thoughtful ways. Take, for instance, the new setting that allows you to manage power settings from the login screen. It's a small tweak but it makes shutting down simple. There's no need to login when you wake from hibernate - just shut down straight from the login screen. Similar attention to these basics can be found throughout the new release.
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Had problems too...
by sonic2000gr on Sat 17th May 2008 05:51 UTC
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I am a Fedora person, tracking it and using it as my regular Desktop since Fedora 4. I did not use Fedora 8 much, due to some machine / partitioning changes, it would not install so I ended up using Ubuntu instead. But I think 8 was quite good.
With 9, I had problems from the start: Installation went fine but the kernel-devel package was missing. I needed this to compile the madwifi drivers. Not on the DVD. Had to hunt it down from another machine and copy it. Activating the atheros card from the Network Manager was no good. Resorted finally to editing the conf files by hand. No problem for me, but an absolute no-no for a beginner. The new xorg server is not supported by the stable NVidia driver. You will need a beta and plenty workarounds if you wish to get the 3D desktop running. Did not even bother, I will wait for the stable driver.
I am using it right now, and have no other problems: No crashes yet - I will not reboot, I will leave it on and see how long it will keep going. Definitely not beginner friendly (but that depends on the hardware too).

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RE: Had problems too...
by Bitterman on Sat 17th May 2008 07:12 in reply to "Had problems too..."
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[root@turtle ~]# yum list kernel-devel
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Available Packages
kernel-devel.i586 updates
kernel-devel.i686 updates

You mean you can't download it? or just didn't want to cause it takes too long?
I didn't install madwifi on f9 but on f8 if i remember right it was in livna/dag and tookcare of kmod and everything for me. Something change with 9 that livna doesn't have it anymore?

the dvd doesn't have every piece of software just like 1 CD doesn't have every piece of software. These days i think they're trying to rely on repos more for the less popular packages such as kernel-devel which most people dont need to do much anymore.

btw kernel headers is on the dvd isn't that what you need for kmods?

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RE: Had problems too...
by proliant on Sat 17th May 2008 15:08 in reply to "Had problems too..."
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I've been using Linux since Red Hat Linux 6.2. Went through all their releases and this is the first time I am so disappointed with Fedora 9. It seems there are a lot of bugs in this release...

- restart networking after reboot because of missing routing entries
- SCIM cannot start at all
- bind doesn't like me?
- Firefox 3... (I know, is beta)
- Thunderbird update problem

Possibly I am just unlucky with my HP Pavilion dv1604tn. Install Fedora means ask for trouble, IMHO, otherwise just go for Ubuntu. Every releases there are a lot of bugs (hiccup?) but this release is just too much...

Hope people don't encounter problem like I do...

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RE[2]: Had problems too...
by gpierce on Sun 18th May 2008 16:03 in reply to "RE: Had problems too..."
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You are not alone!

Laptop installations have improved tremendously overall since I first started using Linnx in 2000-1, but for some reason, it is still pretty chancy as to what will and won't work immediately after installation. What works out of the box on one release fails on the next. Go figure. This is just my general impression. Now, many laptops come with an extra hard drive bay. I keep Windows on one and Fedora or Ubuntu on the other. Eventually, I get things working but it can take a while.

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