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Red Hat The Fedora team has clearly spent a lot of time trying to refine some of the smaller, but perhaps more common user interface elements in some thoughtful ways. Take, for instance, the new setting that allows you to manage power settings from the login screen. It's a small tweak but it makes shutting down simple. There's no need to login when you wake from hibernate - just shut down straight from the login screen. Similar attention to these basics can be found throughout the new release.
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can I ask how to add an ubuntu dvd ISO file as a repository? I'm sure there was an easy way of doing that before but I cant find it... it constantly wants a real dvd and I cant be bothered looking for a dvd each time or I'd be quicker downloading it.

I also remember years ago when I used mandrake being able to use standard folders as an RPM source

I'm just about to try a Fedora dvd iso in a vmware ;) should be interesting.

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In ubuntu, mount the ISO using 'sudo mount' as a '/mnt' subfolder. Then locate this folder under Synaptic...


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Fedora has apt and synaptic too if you prefer to use it.

# yum info synaptic

Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Available Packages
Name : synaptic
Arch : i386
Version : 0.57.2
Release : 16.fc9
Size : 1.6 M
Repo : fedora
Summary : Graphical frontend for APT package manager.
License : GPLv2+
Description: Synaptic is a graphical package management program for apt. It provides the same features as the apt-get command line utility with
a GUI front-end based on Gtk+

Offline package management is address in PackageKit 0.2 which will hit Fedora in a couple of weeks.

Fedora is indeed multi-tasking but package management operations are transactional and lock the database to provide maximum safety. Hence the package management will queue the tasks.

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