Linked by Thom Holwerda on Wed 21st May 2008 08:05 UTC, submitted by Mohammed Saleh
Benchmarks Several open source applications are available on both Linux as well as Windows. This gave Mohammed Saleh the idea of comparing the performance of various of these applications on both Ubuntu 8.04 as well as Windows XP SP3, to see which of the two performed better with certain applications. The results were rather interesting.
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RE: notes
by mssaleh on Wed 21st May 2008 12:10 UTC in reply to "notes"
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I'd like to reply here:
My test was not about how fast Ubuntu or Linux in gerenal CAN BE. It's how Ubuntu 8.04 perform against Windows XP SP3. I'd stick to its default setup with a couple of easy tweaks that can also be done on Windows. I don't even pretend to know the reasons behind the benchmark scores. I merely suggest what my limited knowledge help me with.

Now here's where that changing the default kernel can cause stability problems claim (funny at that) translates to changing [bad wording though] the default kernel can cause ... performance (!).

Well, improving performance and improving stability are completely different things, don't you think?

I'd say if one believes to have the technical knowledge to produce acceptable benchmarks, then (s)he should also have the technical knowledge to custom compile a few things.

Of course I know how to customise linux. In fact, I never settle with the default options, but again, it's a test of Ubuntu Hardy as it is offered to the world against Windows XP SP3 as Microsoft did it.

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RE[2]: notes
by ephracis on Wed 21st May 2008 12:55 in reply to "RE: notes"
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Oh, thanks for taking your time and doing a great test, btw. ;)

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