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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Recently we've seen the releases of both Ubuntu 8.04 'Hardy Heron' as well as Fedora 9 'Sulphur', to mostly positive reviews. PCWorld Australia decided to pitch these two popular Linux distributions against one another.
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RE: Good Call
by danieldk on Tue 3rd Jun 2008 10:31 UTC in reply to "Good Call"
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I have to agree with the over all end result, if your familiar with Linux, then use Fedora. If your not to great with it, or your just learning about it, get Ubuntu.

I don't agree. There are many other factors that play a role. If you are familiar with GNU/Linux, and want a distribution with long term support, Ubuntu 8.04 (or RHEL, or CentOS) is a far better choice, because it is supported for a far longer time than any Fedora installment.

Not all Linux/UNIX experts want to ride the cutting-edge wave. If you need to get your work done, it's often far more comfortable to have a stable (in terms of support times and package changes) environment.

I mean, after all, Fedora is biased off of RedHat, the Great-Great-Great Grandpa of almost all of the mainstream Linux distros.

Which is, of course, nonsense. Debian is not based on any other distribution. Ubuntu is based on Debian. SUSE was based on Slackware and Jurix. Of the non-Red Hat mainstream distros, Mandriva is the only distro I can think of that was originally based on Red Hat.

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