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Mozilla & Gecko clones Any minute now, the Mozilla Foundation will officially release the third incarnation of their successful Firefox web browser - the browser that cracked Internet Explorer's monopoly and forced Microsoft to improve IE. Mozilla aims to set a world record in most software downloaded in 24 hours with Firefox 3. Update: It's out there, boys and girls. Update II: And the Firefox 3 page is up too.
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I wonder...
by optimusg4 on Tue 17th Jun 2008 14:34 UTC
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For those of us that already have the RC installed, will you be prompted to update to the final version, or will it assume that RC3 (Mac) is the latest and not prompt you? I know, for me at least, with 2.0 , I had the latest RC installed and that was considered the final version because I didn't have to update until 2.0.1 was released.

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RE: I wonder...
by Kroc on Tue 17th Jun 2008 14:38 in reply to "I wonder..."
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It may. If it doesn't, you'll stay on the Developer-Release branch, meaning that you'll get auto-prompts for the alpha/betas of Firefox 3.1 / 4. Downloading and installing the 3.0 final will put you on the major release branch and will only receive auto-updates for public releases.

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RE: I wonder...
by rexstuff on Tue 17th Jun 2008 15:07 in reply to "I wonder..."
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According to the FAQ found here...

An update will not count towards the record. Download a complete version from

They also claim, to answer other questions, that "In order for our attempt to be legitimate, each download must be human initiated."

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RE: I wonder...
by mook on Wed 18th Jun 2008 15:01 in reply to "I wonder..."
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You won't get an update, because 1) RC3 was the actual release (that's why they didn't actually put any RC numbers inside the app, just the file name); 2) automatic updates aren't out yet, that comes a bit later. Happens with every release.

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