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AMD AMD has seen a few serious setbacks lately, especially with their Barcelona server processor, but it seems as if the company is trying hard to get things back on track. The first step in solving an issue is acknowledging it exists in the first place, and AMD CEO Hector Ruiz did just that last December. "We blew it and we're very humbled by it and we learned from it and we're not going to do it again." Reseller Advocate Magazine asks, are you ready to believe him?
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They key word here is 'cool'. I have an old Acer with a Turion 64 MK-38 and the amount and heat and fan noise is unbelievably irritating, and the battery life sucks as well.

I have an AMD laptop (Compaq) from last year, and upgrading the BIOS _dramatically_ changed the way the fan works, so try that if you can. It's much much quieter now.

As far as battery life, all laptops suck (more or less). Some get 3 hrs, some really high-end can get 5 hrs or 8 hrs., but mine gets max. 2 hrs (6 cell?) on "power saver" under Vista x32 (heh, sad but true). A better battery would help, but luckily, I don't ever go anywhere, always keep it plugged in. Of course, stupid widescreen probably sucks a lot up of energy (as well as RAM, HD, wifi, USB devices, who knows what else).

It would also help if AMD were more Open Source friendly.

Yes, of course, but they have to kiss up to Windows in order to succeed (apparently). Face it, it takes a lot of time, talent, energy, and motivation to support Windows AND Linux, even as a hobby. Supporting just one is pretty much a full time job.

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