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Mozilla & Gecko clones I've seen superlative after superlative concerning the release of Firefox 3.0, and in all honesty, it is making my stomach ache. Yes, Firefox 3.0 is a great release. It has a slicker interface (the UI on Vista looks quite pretty) and the use of native widgets in Linux is a very, very welcome addition. On top of that, it actually delivers what I was craving for the most from my favourite Windows web browser: much improved performance. But does Firefox 3.0 change the web, or alter the way we use the intertubes?
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Solid release
by ronaldst on Sat 21st Jun 2008 09:03 UTC
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Though I was disappointed to see that Mozilla Firefox's UI hasn't changed much (other than new icons).

Other than the new Back/Forward button which was borrowed from IE7, I wish they'd have borrowed some more of IE7's UI changes. Like hiding the MenuBar. It only ends up wasting precious vertical screen space. And putting more an emphasis on the SideBar for favourites/feeds/history. This addition to IE7 is dynamite. And the NewTab button right next to the actual tabs. Tab operations should stick close to the actual tabs. Unlike Konqueror which both Tab buttons (new/close) are stuck at each end of the browser's side which is annoying for widescreen users.

While feeling more like a under-the-hood release, Firefox 3.0 is a solid one. And I love the integrated cookie blocker. I just wish they'd go further and build an implementation like Konqueror were the user is asked to trust the site completely, only once or never.

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RE: Solid release
by kyrodwaggie on Sat 21st Jun 2008 09:22 in reply to "Solid release"
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For hiding the menubar, I'd recommend the Hide Menubar extension, which replicates the alt-menu behaviour of IE7:

Personally, I run that and the Stylish extension with a userstyle that hides the personal bookmark bar until it's mouse-overed, too; makes the whole thing take up a lot less space.

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