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Windows We're really on the subject of software installation issues on OSNews lately, and this story, making its rounds on the internet, fits in quite well. Back in the day, during the antitrust lawsuits against Microsoft, Microsoft had to make a whole slew of corporate email public. In light of Gates' imminent withdrawal from Microsoft, SeattlePI dug up a little gem among these emails, one in which Bill Gates goes on a full-blown rant about the difficulties he had trying to download and install Windows MovieMaker, back in 2003.
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I don't mean if he'd tried it and it had worked flawlessly would he still complain.. that's just foolishness. Of course rational people don't complain because something works.

I should elaborate, if he hadn't tried to install Movie Maker and only heard of it not working for other people.. would he have taken such concern?

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Hard to say, really, but we haven't seen the other 200,000 emails he has sent, so it's hard to say. I know that he sent an email about the security problems with XP in 2002.

So I tend to think he might act on complaints, at least some of the time. Security today with Windows and Office has improved greatly.

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I know he used to regularily send "good work" email to indavidual developers when he had the chance to do code review and spotted something particularily eligant. Once you get a business too the size of MS, it's a whole other animal though. I'd also like to think he's constantly pusing for product quality but that makes me wonder why he hasn't pushed the testing budget to back it.

Either way, the email was a great read.

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