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Windows For any given release of Windows, there are companies that choose to skip it. But when the company is Intel, it's a big deal. Intel's IT department "found no compelling case" for upgrading to Windows Vista.
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by netpython on Fri 27th Jun 2008 07:45 UTC
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Microsoft should have included plus as default in XP and Ultimate and Buisiness should be the only Vista versions.

Furthermore MS should make the Vista successor completely modular and include One life care, a burning application equivalent to Nero and last but not least implement a filesystem that makes defragmentation something from the past.

Once the next OS from them is in fact modular there isn't any reason why MS shouldn't include a lot more functionality into their OS.

Sadly but true, MS can afford to make a complete mess out of their Vista successor and get away with it in terms of marketshare. Where has their pride gone if they had any?

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RE: ultimate
by defdog99 on Fri 27th Jun 2008 14:40 in reply to "ultimate"
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I agree with this bundled software. I'd also include the student edition of Microsoft Office (Not the trial version that comes with vista.)

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