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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Erik Huggers, a Microsoft guy at the BBC, takes a look at Fedora 9 as his first Linux desktop and finds it surprisingly good. "I am glad that I got a chance to test drive Fedora and as a result have come to believe in the potential of Linux as a mainstream operating system. As Ashley said in this post last year, the BBC does a lot of work with open standards already - but in the future we plan to do more. We want to make iPlayer work on all operating systems including open source ones like Fedora and I am confident we'll make good progress on this before the end of the year."
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Comment by netpython
by netpython on Fri 27th Jun 2008 08:33 UTC
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"The one thing I was surprised about was the performance, or lack thereof. I would have expected the operating system to squeeze everything out of the dual processor laptop. Perhaps the issue would be addressed by new updates which were available, but I could not get it to install properly."

I wonder with what specific OS the author is comparing running Fedora 9.

I have a HP6820s core2duo 2GHz 3GB RAM laptop running Fedora 9. I honestly have nothing to complain, wireless and ethernet work out of the box so to speak. Compared to Vista which i had installed for a couple of hours after the laptop was delivered Fedora is lightning fast. Any linux distro i had installed is, you got to love those dual cores :-)

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