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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Erik Huggers, a Microsoft guy at the BBC, takes a look at Fedora 9 as his first Linux desktop and finds it surprisingly good. "I am glad that I got a chance to test drive Fedora and as a result have come to believe in the potential of Linux as a mainstream operating system. As Ashley said in this post last year, the BBC does a lot of work with open standards already - but in the future we plan to do more. We want to make iPlayer work on all operating systems including open source ones like Fedora and I am confident we'll make good progress on this before the end of the year."
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try the alternative installer
by buff on Fri 27th Jun 2008 21:41 UTC
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Might as well try Debian proper and experience trouble-free rolling system upgrades.

I'm both a Fedora 9 user and Ubuntu 8.04 on my eeepc. I ran into problems with the default installer running on my older Athlon box. I used the alternative installer and it worked great. I don't see any noticeable difference in speed between the distros. I ended up removing a lot of Ubuntu installed applications. I miss the ability with Fedora's Anaconda installer of being able to select which packages I want to install. Interestingly, pulseaudio works better on Ubuntu than on Fedora 9. I don't know why but the default configuration works better. On my Fedora 9 system the audio is scratchy when the volume drops down to zero and back up again. Also the Flash 9 plugin crashes less on Ubuntu than on my Fedora 9 box. I am at a loss to explain why. The smoother experience on Ubuntu has made me curious to try it more. I was suprised the Ubuntu alternative installer doesn't allow me to prevent the installation of certain packages. It was not a big inconvenience since I opened Synaptic and selected Evolution, etc. and clicked apply and removed the cruft.

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Yeah, for some reason Flash seems buggier on Fedora. I installed the RPM from Adobe, seemed to be fine, except there's no sound. Might have to do with some Pulse Audio setting.

Maybe the next time I buy computer with Linux I'll actually use the pre-installed distro. Probably the Acer Aspire One once it's available locally.

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unclefester Member since:

I think Fedora tends to be a little too bleeding edge to the extent of being quite buggy. On Fedora 8 I had no sound at all.

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Rahul Member since:

You have to install libflashsupport first for sound as detailed in the release notes

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