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Oracle and SUN In what seems like a battle of ants in a case full of lions, Practical Technology has learned that Xandros has bought Linspire. "In an announcement that was sent out today, June 30, to Linspire stockholders, CEO Larry Kettler wrote that the stockholders had decided to sell all of Linspire's assets. This deal specifically includes Linspire, Freespire, and the company's distribution agnostic CNR (Click 'N Run) desktop installation platform." Not everyone is very happy with this one, though.
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What a waste of Money.
by Windows Sucks on Tue 1st Jul 2008 04:29 UTC
Windows Sucks
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What a waste of money. I used to love Xandros. I was a big fan of Corel linux, the file manager in Corel which is in Xandros was great.

They always had the best Samba support, one of the first versions of Linux that could easily go into an AD domain with point and click.

But when is the last time Xandros updated their OS line? Been like 2 years with almost no updates or changes.

They have been focused on bridgeworks. Its a cool product but over priced. So is their server. If they halved the price of the server and had a regular release cycle for server and desktop they would be doing something.

That is why companies like Red Hat, Novell, Ubuntu etc are more popular. If you want to sell linux then you need to have a good, solid product and a good release cycle. Knowing the release and support cycles of Ubuntu LTS makes me comfortable in using it for business.

I know that I will only be stuck with issues for a set period of months if that. With Xandros I have no clue when they will fix anything. If it's broke it's broke. Blah.

Anyway, back to the point. Buying Linspire will not fix any of that! Just spent money and one less wack Linux company.

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RE: What a waste of Money.
by Stephen! on Tue 1st Jul 2008 23:16 in reply to "What a waste of Money. "
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Too bad Corel gave up on Linux, they might have been open to porting some of their software such as Paintshop Pro ...

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Too bad Corel gave up on Linux, they might have been open to porting some of their software such as Paintshop Pro ...

It was not Corel's choice. As I remember it MS bought a bunch of Corels non voting stock to help them from going bankrupt (And keeping up the appearance that MS had comp in the Office suite sector) and in the deal Corel had to give up its Linux program.

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