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Oracle and SUN Yesterday we reported on rumours that Xandros would acquire Linspire. The official press release won't go out until tomorrow, but Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos answered a set of questions about the acquisition, so read on for an inside scoop on the Xandros-Linspire acquisition and what it means for both companies.
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The Linspire Users Will Suffer.
by Ranger on Wed 2nd Jul 2008 12:27 UTC
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I hope I'm wrong, but I believe that Xandros will leave the Linspire customer base out in the cold.

This opinion is based on a the previous acquisition of Lycoris by Mandriva in 2005. The CEO of Lycoris, Joseph Cheek, was given a position with Mandriva and was never heard from again. Poof! The former Lycoris customer base was treated quite poorly by Mandriva. Many who contributed refused to be treated poorly my Mandriva and moved on to greener pastures.

For years Lindows/Linspire had the attention of many. Like 'em or love 'em, they were much talked about. They did a lot for the average users who sincerely enjoyed Lindows & Linspire.

Linspire's user & forum populations seem far less active compared to last year. Was this change related to Kevin Carmony's departure around the same period? I can't say, but the two events seem to coincide.

In the last year, has Linspire been an innovative company? Not in my mind and I've seen nothing noteworthy.

Linspire has become less & less significant to the degree that this acquisition will not have any impact other than their present customer base soon being abandoned by Xandros.

Funny thought: Will a name change happen? How does "Xanspire" sound? Maybe "Lindros"? (sorry - couldn't resist)

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I always wondered what happened to Joe Cheek. Funny you mentioned this, because there is some guy from Lycoris posting in the comments on the linked article.

On the two companies:

Xandros, after all, had basically stolen $1m from Linspire and was being sued for the return of the money. Plus Robertson had managed to grab some huge settlement from Microsoft, and I seem to recall the insurance company as well, although I don't remember the details of the latter lawsuit very well.

I remember reading an article about a Xandros lawsuit, but can't seem to find it on Google. EDIT: Found it! See

On the demise of Lycoris:

At Lycoris we never really topped our success with Desktop/LX Amethyst Update 2, and our competitors gradually replicated all of our better ideas. Meanwhile, we we stuck in this huge engineering hole trying to go to kernel 2.6 and KDE 3.x.

And later:

Every distro worth its salt is pushing off into the enterprise space. Hell, we even tried to at Lycoris with the short-lived takeover of SME Server, an initiative I spear-headed (what a let-down that was!).

I remember SME Server briefly went to Lycoris before Ruffdogs became its corporate sponsor, but I don't know what he means about a let-down.

Anyhow, interesting stuff if he really is ex-Lycoris. A quick Google search suggests he may have been.

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