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Windows Microsoft rarely gives out sales numbers, but Vista is another story. Due to bad press, the company apparently wants to remind everyone that Vista is still selling well. The software giant recently announced that it would be putting resources into launching a marketing campaign that will fight back against Apple's ads and incorrect Vista assumptions and will instead tell the "real Vista story."
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I've been using it since day 1
by bullethead on Mon 21st Jul 2008 16:10 UTC
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Vista is by far the best OS Microsoft has come out with. I use 64bit Ultimate and usually stick to a non-root account for my daily tasks. Hasn't given me any problems so far. I also use MacOSX, Windows Server 2008, and Linux on other machines and I prefer the newest Microsoft OS's due to their stability, excellent program selection and ease of use.

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Thanks for that laugh man, you made my day !

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This is the best shill post I have read in a long time. You could have made it better though, let me help.

Vista is so good it makes you toast in the morning.
Microsoft's latest operating systems are so secure and stable, they have been running for a million years without a reboot.
Vista is so fast, I did not even see it move !
Microsoft's latest operating systems beat all others in a fight, even if the others have knives.
Vista will wipe your ass when you are done !

If you are going to shill, please try a little harder to mask it

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You know, it's a shame people feel the need to mod you down because you've taken the time to share your experience with it. I don't agree with you, but I certainly won't mod you down either.

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Yeah, my experience with Vista has been pretty similar after not using a MS OS for over 9 years on my own desktop. Not as stellar as the introduction of dinosaur 3.0, they just caught up the visuals, usability and security to a more sane level with the rest of the industry than previous years.

A few tips.
Avira or AVG do a better job than Symantec and Mcafee.
Vista Firewall control.
Make sure UAC is on.

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If you haven't used Windows for 9 years, that would mean that your previous Windows experience would have been 95 or 98, or the corresponding NTs. While I'm not a fan of Windows, I'm not posting to bag it, and I'll try and keep this post devoid of fanboy-bitterness. XP was a massive improvement over previous versions, and a step in the right direction in terms of stability and ease of use. Vista is another step in the right direction, in terms of security, though some old concepts deeply embedded in the OS cripple it; such as the tight integration of IE making any IE security holes a problem for the whole system. The new user permissions are probably borrowed from various *nix, or they could just be a flash of sanity, but it's just some fancy trimmings on the same old problems. Not real permissions management. If I remember rightly (but it's a vague memory, so apologies if I'm wrong), Vista's UAC has a built in "Jedi mind-trick". A bypass command that programs can issue to it telling it not to ask the user, and just allow. That there just renders Vista susceptible to the same problems as XP, after a small modification to an old virus. Again, I may be wrong, but I think I remember reading about it months ago.

Standard disclaimer: I am not a professional technology reviewer or analyst (read "person with an opinion and a Wordpress blog"). Comments are to be taken with a liberal helping of salt, if you're stupid enough to take them internally...

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