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Bugs & Viruses Mac Antivirus developer Intego might have stumbled across an OS X specific virus being offered for auction that targets a previously unknown ZIP archive vulnerability. From Intego's posting, it appears that an enterprising auctioneer seems determined to make sure that his name is one that is not forgotten when it comes to Apple security, claiming that his exploit is a poisoned ZIP archive that will "KO the system and Hard Drive" when unarchived.
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RE: Wait a second!
by tyrione on Fri 25th Jul 2008 02:35 UTC in reply to "Wait a second!"
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What it is all about here? Are you guys giving any credibility to this article full of non sense and trolling arguments.

Is there here anyone serious to give any credibility to a site where a random guy is pretending selling a virus which is supposed to magically mess up a hard drive? That's just BS, a guy is just trying to have fun in a stupid way and some stupid people like him are reporting his crap.

And by the way, the site in question went off-line 8 hours after the dudes at Indego have reported the information..... Is it a surprise?

I don't think so, and it is more disappointing that OS news is linking to such sensational stupid stories. It seems that Os news editors can only link to sensational stories for the sake of increasing hits on their forums, and that make me think that the new editorial members are pure joke.

I mean, i tried two times to post a very interesting article about the new static analyser built in clang (new front end of LLVM) as i thought that many people interested in writing code would find the article very interesting (here is the link by the way, but it never got published, why?

OS news editors do not care about technology or about well written informative articles, they rather care about fud..... and the stupidity of the net, right?

You got my interest and since I just installed Xcode 3.1 I've got a lot to check out with CLang.

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