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BeOS & Derivatives When BeOS was still under active development at Be Inc, the project captured the hearts and minds of many who wanted to use a more advanced operating system. Though Be has since gone out of business, it hasn't stopped many of those same individuals from wanting to continue using the operating system. The fact that BeOS is no longer under active development has caused a handful of developers to take on the task of picking up where Be left off. Alan Wilder submitted the following editorial which analyzes the current status of three BeOS projects that are currently under development.
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Haiku & Mockup
by JrezIN on Wed 6th Jul 2005 14:35 UTC
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Any news about Mockup? I didn't here anything for a while, and the website isn't 100% yet after the problems with the hosting...
It's not a BeOS replacement, but could be a good Linux Desktop!

About Haiku, I hear news from time to time about it's App Server and a bit of other stuff, but how's the other parts of the system going? how about the kernel code and drivers? any work in PCIe and other newer standards? (I've seen some work on SATA)
...because with dual-core CPUs coming, Haiku has a lot of potential to shine, like BeOS did with multi-CPU systems... Besides that, if the system gets some market-share in the future, drivers could be done by the big-guys as Haiku probably won't have GPL-like issues as they could release binary only drivers without hacks and touching (and sharing the license of)the kernel.

I hope it's not just a dream... still waiting for this system... still waiting for Haiku.

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