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BeOS & Derivatives After fixing a few specific bugs, Haiku now runs on the Asus EeePC - the 701 model, that is. "It is with great pleasure that I'm able to announce that Haiku (rev26666) runs on the Asus EeePC! I own a 701 model, and have sporadically been testing out Haiku revisions on the machine. For months I've been unable to boot Haiku, but somewhere along the line, the bug I filed got squashed, and Haiku will boot off the machine's internal 4gb fixed disk!" Wireless, LAN, and the APM do not work, but sound does thanks to the OSS driver. Installation is a tad bit complicated (it involves booting Haiku in a VM in Windows XP and copying the contents of a nightly build over to a real hardware BFS partition, and adding Haiku to the ntldr), but at least it works.
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RE[2]: A perfect match
by helf on Fri 1st Aug 2008 22:48 UTC in reply to "RE: A perfect match"
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I run a weird Zeta/R5/Haiku hybrid on a 1ghz Pentium III-S Tualatin (512kb cache, 1.4ghz but running on a 100mhz fsb) and it absolutely flies. Only slow bit is the hdd IO (10k rpm scsi just isnt up to snuff.. its ooold). I wish other OSes were this quick. :/

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