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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless On August 1 2007, I published an article called "My Month with the iPhone" wherein I examined the iPhone's now well-known advantages and deficiencies and speculated extensively on where Apple was likely to take the phone, development-wise. Now that the new iPhone and the iPhone 2.0 software have been out for a few weeks, and there's been a whole new storm of praise and gripes raging, I thought it would be illuminating for me to re-visit my prognostications and take my lumps.
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A good read
by NathanHill on Tue 5th Aug 2008 23:39 UTC
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I remember your first article - thanks for being even-handed.

I just got an iPod Touch. At first, I was so impressed by the sheer coolness of it, then I felt uncomfortable as I was figuring it out and getting used to it, and now I realize the world will be using this kind of technology in everything in the next few years. I want an iPhone now. I hate using my stupid Samsung cellphone. It almost makes me wish I could dump my laptop too and just use a touch.

Anyway, I do agree about wireless sync options being a missing piece. But beyond that, I've enjoyed the Touch and plan on getting an iPhone in the next six months.

I do get tired of people complaining about Apple's lack of openness. I think it's just a boring argument, especially when non-open companies like Apple make easy to use software and hardware that is better than anything open. They aren't perfect by any means, but I like choice too.

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