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Editorial GoboLinux is a distribution which sports a different file system structure than 'ordinary' Linux distributions. In order to remain compatible with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, symbolic links are used to map the GoboLinux tree to standard UNIX directories. A post in the GoboLinux forums suggested that it might be better to turn the concept around: retain the FHS, and then use symbolic links to map the GoboLinux tree on top of it. This sparked some interesting discussion. Read on for more details.
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by jal_ on Tue 19th Aug 2008 08:17 UTC
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my native language, Dutch. Dutch in and of itself isn't a particularly difficult language - it has a lot in common with both English and German, yet foreigners from both these countries have extreme difficulties in learning Dutch. Those difficulties stem from a very simple fact: Dutch is so difficult because it contains more exceptions than rules. Sure, Dutch has a set of clear rules, but each of those rules has dozens of exceptions, and those exceptions have exceptions, and then those have exceptions that in fact make them look conforming to the original rule, but in fact don't. There's a reason why I write more comfortably in English (almost) than I do in Dutch.

I'm sorry Thom, but that's a load of bollocks. English, and any other natural language, has just the same amount of oddities and descrepancies as Dutch has. You are probably more aware of them in Dutch, it being your native language, but stating that Dutch has more exceptions than English does is just a sign of blatent ignorance. Please stick to commenting on computing, as that's something you have knowledge about (even if I sometimes disagree with you), but stay far away from linguistics, you'll only make a fool out of yourself.


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RE: Bollocks
by hobgoblin on Tue 19th Aug 2008 08:22 in reply to "Bollocks"
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best thing about that example is how modern english is a mix of latin, french, at least one germanic variant, and then something more.

its not without reason that one can hold spelling contests in english as show a word is spoken often tells you close to nothing about how its written...

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