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Intel Intel unveiled a power gate feature incorporating a "turbo" mode for its upcoming Nehalem family of processors. With the turbo mode, in a situation where not all the cores are necessary for a particular workload, the ones that are idle will be turned off and power is channeled to the cores that are active, making them more efficient. Intel also showcased the Nehalem-EX for the expandable server market, which consists of eight-core processors on a single die.
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RE[2]: Mulit vs single threaded
by justinc on Wed 20th Aug 2008 19:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Mulit vs single threaded"
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Something is seriously wrong with your P.C.

I use Linux/*BSD/*Solaris/Windows and yes even vista and I dont see it running slow.

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frantisheq Member since:

lucky you but i expected new computer to run faster that's why i bought it. thx god for hackintosh.

ok enough because this will end up as flaming no matter how i try to avoid it ;)

PS: i'm also on XP, *Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS and no problems with speed, no HDD doing something all the time, no full 2G memory. tried server 2008 as desktop os and i have to say i like it more compared to vista

sorry for my english

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modmans2ndcoming Member since:

I think you are full of crap and read an article about Vista over a year and a half ago and that is what you are using for your "experience" on the OS.

I use ultimate 32 and my hard drive is not churning away all the time.

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