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Intel Intel unveiled a power gate feature incorporating a "turbo" mode for its upcoming Nehalem family of processors. With the turbo mode, in a situation where not all the cores are necessary for a particular workload, the ones that are idle will be turned off and power is channeled to the cores that are active, making them more efficient. Intel also showcased the Nehalem-EX for the expandable server market, which consists of eight-core processors on a single die.
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I think you are full of crap and read an article about Vista over a year and a half ago and that is what you are using for your "experience" on the OS.

I use ultimate 32 and my hard drive is not churning away all the time.

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:D cool it down kiddo. i've seen vista/microsoft maniacs like you before and i won't fight with you ppl. you're just too dangerous to you and ppl around you. i knew it was a mistake to register on OS NEWS after all those years

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You think I am a MS freak?

that is hilarious since I used Vista, OS X, and Ubuntu at home.

I am not an MS apologist, I simply can't stand people spewing crap.

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You must be lying or deaf then. I have a new machine running Vista, I'm sitting next to it as I type this post. Nothing is running on the machine but my browser, but it is pinging on the hard drive about once every second or two. Very annoying.

I use OS X and Linux mostly, FreeBSD and OpenBSD on some servers I run, and Vista when I'm on my wife's computer. Vista is by far the lardiest of the systems. It just can't seem to get its fat butt going.

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Vistas Indexing is quite different than that of the past, it does it when load is low, and if you have alot of files it may constantly be looking around, whereas linux and such is usually scheduled for a certain timeframe (eg 3:00am or whatever you set) It really shouldent bother performance much, and if its annoying then you either have a loud drive, or a very bright indicator light (my raptor barely whispers so it doesnt usually catch my eye) The only way I even notice its doing this is if im actually looking for it. other than that it doesnt really seem to mess with things.

Likewise my roommate has a blue beacon of madness flickering off the front of his case, and running vista bothered him quite a bit because of that. Couple that with an old noisy hdd and I can see the point.

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