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Intel Intel unveiled a power gate feature incorporating a "turbo" mode for its upcoming Nehalem family of processors. With the turbo mode, in a situation where not all the cores are necessary for a particular workload, the ones that are idle will be turned off and power is channeled to the cores that are active, making them more efficient. Intel also showcased the Nehalem-EX for the expandable server market, which consists of eight-core processors on a single die.
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RE[5]: Mulit vs single threaded
by frantisheq on Wed 20th Aug 2008 23:32 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Mulit vs single threaded"
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:D cool it down kiddo. i've seen vista/microsoft maniacs like you before and i won't fight with you ppl. you're just too dangerous to you and ppl around you. i knew it was a mistake to register on OS NEWS after all those years

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modmans2ndcoming Member since:

You think I am a MS freak?

that is hilarious since I used Vista, OS X, and Ubuntu at home.

I am not an MS apologist, I simply can't stand people spewing crap.

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pls i really don't want to fight with anyone here. i was just talking about my really bad experience with vista contra all other OS's i'm using. i'm not the first nor the last one. maybe it's because my comp maybe it's because ppl around me always say they want XP not vista i don't know just forget it

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