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Mozilla & Gecko clones Firefox 3.0, released not too long ago, was generally well-received. It added a load of new features, while also providing much-needed speed improvements and better memory management. Some new features, however, have met more resistance - one of them is the rather complicated user interface thrown at users when they reach a website with an invalid or expired SSL certificate.
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Firefox 3 definitely should warn the end-user about self-signed/invalid or expired secure certificates with *at least* 1 in-your-face dialogue box (and maybe more by default). The big problem I have with Firefox 3 is that advanced users can't configure the number of warning dialogues (i.e. they can't fine-tune it to behave closer or exactly like Firefox 2, at least not from the UI anyway).

As it stands, self-signed certificate acceptance in Firefox 3 is a horrendous maze of dialogue boxes, link clicks and button clicks (and occasionally page reloads) with seemingly no way to avoid any of them. Repeat for every machine you installed Firefox 3 on too (e.g. home vs. work)...

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