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KDE "If you follow technology trends, you have probably heard of the semantic desktop -- a data layer for annotating and sharing the information in your computer. But what you may not be aware of is that the semantic desktop is not a distant goal, but scheduled to arrive at the end of 2008. And, when it does, the idea will probably be implemented through the work done by the Nepomuk project, and, most likely, by KDE first."
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RE: KDE: You can impress me
by fernandotcl on Fri 29th Aug 2008 21:55 UTC in reply to "KDE: You can impress me"
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Pardon my ignorance but... what the hell does KDE have to do with Gnash or libswf?

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by tyrione on Fri 29th Aug 2008 23:48 in reply to "RE: KDE: You can impress me"
RE[3]: KDE: You can impress me
by asupcb on Sat 30th Aug 2008 00:17 in reply to "RE[2]: KDE: You can impress me"
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I think most people in the FOSS community would prefer to see Flash replaced with something else like HTML 5 video tags and advancements in JavaScript.

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Both factions are open-source

So? Both Corel and Nintendo produce closed source software. What's the common goal for both?

have a vested interest in seeing FLASH not suck on the Linux platform for further general consumer expansion.

KDE is a Free Culture project. Hence, KDE is not only interested in developing free source code, but also improving other free aspects of life. That means working with Wikimedia but also helping free file formats. That's why KDE was/is part in developing Open Document. That OTOH also means that non-free file formats are not that important to KDE. In case of Flash: Supporting Flash/swf has lower priority than SVG+JavaScript.

Does long-term vision just simply not exist within the greater LINUX Community?

Yes, it does. That's why it's supporting free file formats.
But -- you may be pleased to hear it -- KDE is part of and in turn develops swfdec.
BTW: "greater LINUX Community"? That community is too small for KDE. As I said above, KDE sees itself as a Free Culture project. That -- on a lower level -- means that not only Linux is important to KDE but also FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, and other operating systems.

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RE[3]: KDE: You can impress me
by aseigo on Sat 30th Aug 2008 15:34 in reply to "RE[2]: KDE: You can impress me"
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there are huge numbers of common interests between various projects in the F/OSS sphere; KDE can't work on every single one of them, and right now we are not well equipped to work on gnash as we don't have anyone around who has the knowledge, desire and time to do so. thankfully the gnash project is doing what they can, just as we are.

i do hope to find time to wrap gnash in libplasma so we can mix gnash containers with other fun on the Plasma canvas ... but that's the extent of plans that i'm aware of.

btw, commenting on a story about an absolutely huge and important project that's filling an topical area that nobody else is producing workable solutions for with "why aren't you doing something this completely other topic?" is kind of lame. =)

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