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Google While Google's new Chrome web browser has been met with a lot of praise and positive responses (well, mostly, at least), there has been one nagging issue that arose quite quickly after people got their hands on Chrome: the End User License Agreement accompanying the browser. It more or less granted Google the rights to everything seen or transmitted through the browser. Google now changed the EULA, saying it was a big case of woopsiedoopsie.
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RE[3]: one naggin issue?
by l3v1 on Thu 4th Sep 2008 11:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: one naggin issue?"
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There is a _big_ difference between the addons support in Firefox and Opera: the addon support doesn't make the browser itself bloated, the base is fairly clean and easy, and you only add functionality you want, and you can disable or uninstall them anytime. Basically any user can add their favourite addons and make the browser to their liking. I can't do that with Opera, and that's why I left it a long time ago.

Now with Chrome, granted, it takes ideas from all over the place. But the result is good, if not nice, and hopefully it will only get better, and stay open. Now, if only they'd add real plugin/addon support so people can start porting their addons over, but I don't see any adblocker or noscpriter plugin in Chrome anytime soon, which - besides some other half dozen addons - makes it a no-go for me, at least for the time being.

But, until then, I use it happily for Google's mail and calendar, since they just fly (!) with Chrome.

I'd say they are on the right way, overall.

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