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Windows A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Acer Aspire One notebook, the variant which came with an Acer-modified version of Linpus Linux. This version was locked-down and difficult to modify, so not too long after I installed Ubuntu, and was reasonably pleased - despite the amount of tweaking it took to get it working. A few days ago, however, I realised Linux wouldn't be ideal for me on my netbook. Due to pragmatic reasons, I'm now running Windows XP.
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gtk widgets are too big?
by _txf_ on Thu 4th Sep 2008 22:09 UTC
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One of the things that stuck me is that running a vanilla (i.e.not netbook customized) gnome based distro is that one looses a lot of space due to the oversized gtk dialogs and widgets.

One of the things about all the windows dialogs and widgets that I like are that they are much more densly packed than even condensed gtk themes and as a result my desktop tends to have more space for content as opposed to wasted space for an ok button.

This wasted spaced is doubly annoying on low resolution screens.

Then again more densely packed also means less readable on small screens...each to his own I guess

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RE: gtk widgets are too big?
by asgard on Fri 5th Sep 2008 05:33 in reply to "gtk widgets are too big?"
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There was a recent OSNews story dealing with the problem:

I commented there about my settings, so if you want help, there is.

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RE: gtk widgets are too big?
by s_groening on Fri 5th Sep 2008 11:01 in reply to "gtk widgets are too big?"
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I'd actually like vanilla GTK+ to look well without any theme applied. And yes! -Clearlooks does waste quite a lot of space on your desktop, which I find a shame since in general I'm otherwise very satisfied with its look and feel.

Moreover, I'm really looking forward to a Mac OS X like 'column view' in Nautilus and I'm truly hoping for this to be a part of Gnome 2.24 as promised!

One may only wish that 'spring loading folders' might become a possibility at some point - be it from applying a patch or be it included in the official source ...

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