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Windows A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Acer Aspire One notebook, the variant which came with an Acer-modified version of Linpus Linux. This version was locked-down and difficult to modify, so not too long after I installed Ubuntu, and was reasonably pleased - despite the amount of tweaking it took to get it working. A few days ago, however, I realised Linux wouldn't be ideal for me on my netbook. Due to pragmatic reasons, I'm now running Windows XP.
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This was the worst article ever written.

My my! How many seconds do I get to hold my acceptance speech?

Linux beats XP in every single feature, it's simply no contest.

For you, it might - for me, in this specific case? Nope, I'm sorry. XP is the winner for me. Can't help it. Didn't expect it either, as I clearly said in the previous articles that I didn't believe XP would stand a chance. But hey, I am a man of science, and I want to see something with my own eyes before passing judgement.

You're apparently rather unfamiliar with that. Your loss.

So all you know to do is slap Ubuntu on he netbook, not knowing first thing about Linux obviously.

And an insult, my my! Are we on a roll today!

Then when you realize you'd have to invest a bit of time to find hardware that works with Linux you take the lazy way out and slap XP on the netbook and in the end you proclaim that it was the right thing to do and that now you're finally happy.

...and where did I say I didn't already do that? Where did I say I did not invest time in looking at the various offers being made by mobile carriers here when it comes to 3G modems+contracts? Maybe I already looked over all the offerings, and concluded that none of the 3G modems included work flawlessly on Linux? I live in a small country, you see, so choice isn't exactly wealthy.

I know how to handle these things. I buy ALL my hardware with Linux and BeOS in mind.

With this article you've lost any little shred of credibility you may have had before.


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RE[6]: FAT, it's all about FAT
by J. M. on Fri 5th Sep 2008 20:47 in reply to "RE[5]: FAT, it's all about FAT"
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I can't see anything surprising or unexpected about XP outperforming Linux. It is a very well known fact that Windows is MUCH, MUCH faster in anything GUI related than Linux. All the big multiplatform apps run faster on Windows, applications start faster on Windows, and the GUI (re)drawing speed is about 100 times slower in Linux, thanks to all the X Window System based layers, window managers and extremely inefficient tookits like GTK+. And I'm saying this as a Linux user who dislikes Microsoft as much as possible. Only a blind fanatic fanboy can troll with nonsense like "Linux beats XP in every single feature".

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