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Mozilla & Gecko clones With the recent surge in WebKit adoption, many have stated to question the usefulness of Mozilla's Gecko browsing engine, claiming that WebKit is far superior. Some even go as far as saying that Firefox should ditch Gecko in favour of WebKit. Ars Technica's Ryan Paul explains why that is utter, utter bogus. "From a technical perspective, Gecko is now very solid and no longer lags behind WebKit. A testament to the rate at which Gecko has been improving is its newfound viability in the mobile space, where it was practically considered a nonstarter not too long ago. Mozilla clearly has the resources, developer expertise, and community support to take Gecko anywhere that WebKit can go."
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Heh... totally in agreement. Google/Chrome/Webkit is an interesting project, but I see no reason to treat this whole thing like a political horse race.

Mozilla/Firefox/Gecko is not going anywhere. Yes, there was a time when its future was very shaky (1999 - 2001), but they stuck with it. No project is perfect, and the Mozilla project has it's difficulties for sure, but still, there is an amazing amount of wisdom among the various members of the Mozilla team. In spite of many differences, complications, and a huge technological base to get under control, they pulled it off.

The V8 Javascript engine may have one advantage in process isolation (which as a Unix guy I tend to favor), but from what I see, it is still nowhere close to being cross-platform, and I wonder if it supports any of the new very nice features added to Javascript 1.7 and 1.8, much less how prepared it will be to leap to Javascript 2.0 (ECMA 3.1). There are very good things in store here for the Mozilla world, not only in features but in performance, so it's definitely not "game over" or anything close.

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