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X11, Window Managers It has been one year and four days since X.Org 7.3 was released and a number of months since X.Org 7.4 was supposed to be released, but today X.Org 7.4 is scheduled to finally make it out the door! This release is shipping quite late and with a slimmed down set of features, but in this article we have more details on what this release holds in store for the Linux desktop community and why it may be a short-lived release.
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May be a problem with finding quality software engineers. I know Novell/Suse are looking for people and having a tough time finding applicants to work on file systems. May not be the companies at fault, just lack of qualified people.

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I think the problem has more to do with waiting for the companies with closed drivers to catch up. Even with all the advances that got cut from 7.4, the nvidia legacy drivers still don't support the ABI changes to the xserver-1.5 and their non-legacy driver barely makes the cut. And this issue has been known for quite a while. Not sure about drivers elsewhere...

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I think the problem has more to do with waiting for the companies with closed drivers to catch up.

I just got a new motherboard. The graphics chipset came out about 3 months ago. And I'm running the latest development version of my preferred distro, which has Xorg 7.4 and the very latest point release of the video drivers. Not only does 3d not work... neither does 2d. In fact, even during the text based installation of the OS the screen is strangely wrapped vertically and flickers at about 10 Hz. The vesa driver gets me a sort of usable screen, but not at the correct aspect ratio. The evil proprietary company that can't keep up with our open source speed of development and released this chipset without making sure that it had working drivers for Linux? Intel. It's a G43 chipset with X4500 video. I'm having to use my Nvidia 7200SE with nvidia's drivers, which performs flawlessly, until it all gets sorted out.

My gripe is that even when the companies do everything we ask: Release good docs... supply the development infrastructure... assign engineers to assist with development... our FOSS video drivers are still crap for some reason. In 2008 we should at least be able to get text mode right!

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