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X11, Window Managers It has been one year and four days since X.Org 7.3 was released and a number of months since X.Org 7.4 was supposed to be released, but today X.Org 7.4 is scheduled to finally make it out the door! This release is shipping quite late and with a slimmed down set of features, but in this article we have more details on what this release holds in store for the Linux desktop community and why it may be a short-lived release.
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As far as I am aware support for x4500 stuff has been out before the chipset launch see the linux intel site for the news.

Yes. It's out but it's quite broken. The X server segfaults with a backtrace going into even 2D.

What has muddied the water however is is this GEM/TTM where TTM support has been stripped before GEM has been implemented...

(Irrelevant drivel trimmed.)

Whether it is memory management or not, it immediately segfaults.

with hardware I guess its because you can't say that laptop that for forced at gunpoint on you doesn't work anymore, although I am pleased that your employers are so generous.

1. It's a desktop.

2. It's my desktop.

3. I've semi-retired. Not that my old employer ever would have bought anyone a laptop.

Like I say its a shame I would love to know if x4500 chip esp the more serious G45 really is the 1.7 times faster that it is advertised or whether it is marketing hype.

The marketing hype is actually 300% as fast as 3100.

Seriously you are such a lying bitch. As for Nvidia, shit you lying lying toerag. I'll tell you that f--king chipset holds back every damn release of every distro ever, and leaves security holes for years.

I Just left this quote in to highlight what a skilled debater you are, Cyclops. Not your best work, though. I thought your "slimy little toady" post was quite outstanding:

Anyway, like I say, the Intel FOSS driver segfaults immediately when X first starts, and my Nvidia with the proprietary drivers performs perfectly. It's the FOSS driver holding the distro release back and not NVidia's driver.

Seriously sort it out your hating so I can get some real information.

Yeah, right. I'll work on my "hating". Surely Cyclops harbors none in his heart. :-0

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:) now you don't want to be posting old posts, now do you.

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BTW, someone actually did get an X4500HD board running for a period in July. OpenArena got about 30 fps at 1024x768 and undisclosed quality settings.

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LOL... you better watch out. You're treading on thin ice. Soon enough Cyclops will label you as a dreaded "Vista User."

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LOL is funny how I mention the word subterfuge you come running. many use very wear that badge with pride in their nick.

Of course I normally post under one of my many other accounts.

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