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PC-BSD This release marks a milestone for PC-BSD, by moving to the latest FreeBSD 7-Stable and also incorporating the KDE 4.1.1 desktop. Users will immediately notice the improved visual interface that KDE 4.1.1 offers, as well as a large improvement in hardware support and speed from the update to FreeBSD 7-Stable. PC-BSD 7 also offers a large and growing library of self-contained PBI files available for installation, and improvments for other locales on our PBI Directory website. This release also offers new methods of installation, including a DVD, USB and Internet/network install. Note: Here is an interview with the lead developer of PC-BSD.
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by Clinton on Mon 15th Sep 2008 23:36 UTC
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I've never been too interested in the desktop BSDs, but I read an interesting article with Kris Moore recently, so I thought I'd give PC-BSD a try.

I've used PC-BSD 7 since beta 1 and have been impressed with the quality as well as the way Kris interacts with users and the speed with which bugs are addressed.

While PC-BSD 7 still has a couple of small warts, they are not serious issues and haven't detracted from my overall experience. I think PC-BSD does for FreeBSD what Ubuntu does for Debian by making it more accessible to new users and the masses.

I decided this morning, after seeing the final release, to install PC-BSD on my laptop at work and see how things go for a few months. So far, I'm impressed; which is saying a lot since I've never been a fan of KDE.

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by pepa on Tue 16th Sep 2008 09:36 in reply to "PC-BSD"
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I prefer Gnome over KDE, so I am not attracted to using BSD on the Desktop. Why are they all using KDE? Is it the same reason as Slackware??

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by dnebdal on Tue 16th Sep 2008 10:40 in reply to "RE: PC-BSD"
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Well, KDE had more users last time I saw any numbers, so if you want to chose one it seems sort of sensible. It's also fairly simple to build - gnome is a tangled web of packages in comparison.

I guess the real answer is somewhere between those two and "personal preference of the leading people". ;)

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by grfgguvf on Tue 16th Sep 2008 13:44 in reply to "RE: PC-BSD"
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I don't know specifically, but there are two conflicting issues.

First, GNOME is the "GNU Network Object whatever". BSD people hate GNU because the viral nature of the GPL license, generally incompetent coding of GNU software (of which not much remains in use, GLIBC is now developed by skilled developers from Red Hat, same for GCC). Still, BSD developed it's own tar implementation, own readline, etc...

Second, BSD users prefer "stable" systems. Whatever that means, actually Linux is also very stable, however KDE crashed a lot for me, while GNOME never does. So the choice of KDE in this regard seems odd, but probably the GNU-hate wins.

Difficulty of building is not really an issue, GNOME does run fine on FreeBSD, there is a port and all. Also a freebsd gnome project.

About the KDE vs GNOME user count, it's bullshit. Xandros or whoever singed deals with various governments for school PC preinstalled software, so theoretically 500 million schoolkids in Nigeria and Brazil use KDE or whatever. Umm... I have my doubts about them still choosing KDE if they had a choice, especially the translations of GNOME tend to be much higher quality (Except for German), and Qt has crappy handling for Asian scripts......

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