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Amiga & AROS "Hyperion Entertainment VOF and ACube Systems SRL are pleased to announce that they have entered into an OEM license agreement which will allow ACube to offer its customers an OEM version of Hyperion's AmigaOS 4.1 operating system for their SAM440 range of motherboards. Prospective customers wishing to beta-test the near final OEM version of AmigaOS 4.1 for the SAM 440ep will be afforded the opportunity to do so and will subsequently receive the full version. Orders can be placed as of now with ACube. A first public demonstration of AmigaOS 4.1 for SAM440ep is scheduled for the upcoming exhibition Pianeta Amiga in Empoli, Italy on September 27-28, 2008." Update by TH: Due to all the massive cheering and excitement going on in the OSNews Boardroom and our company yacht, we actually forgot to link to the official announcements here and here.
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While I agree entering new sales while in a lawsuit is not the best legal behavior. However for Amiga users its about the only good news in ages, maybe. As for those who may wish to see Amiga Inc. get paid I say don't worry they will one way or another.

Any time Hyperion sells AOS there is a royalty at the very least to the owner of the OS. While the damn os (vacant of just about any useful apps) is a bit over 100USD someone is getting paid.

Both companies in my view have and are making mistakes. But so long as everyone insists on PPC as the platform having flipping PPC hardware and an OS together is crucial.

Personally there are opensource fringe OS's out there with more promise and ability than AOS at the moment. My 2 cents is this..

Open the main OS
Port the main OS to popular cheap hardware
Drag in all the opensourcers and fans that can code / port to do just that. .
Develop specialized editions of the updated OS.
Sell modern drivers and support
Sell Custom solutions based on the above.

Give me one for free for putting up with all this crud ;)

I care about both bills, you know who Im talking about.. I belive Hyperion should and, as I read the in court case, did get paid.
The court case is nuts..
Do people think that microsoft would have paid a company for vista in full if not additional money for fouling it up and missing all the vista deadlines?

Nope.. Not a chance in hell and people in microsoft did/are get(ing) fired over Vista..

Infact the company would probably be found floating in a river in that case..

All that being said first signs of someone actually getting their order fulfilled.. I'll be on that like flies on poo..

Sam is reasonable, available and remotely modern (cough cough)

The only other thing that would drag me in is gimi the board, cpu and ram with os 400USD.

Try and get me to spend 1KUSD on a sub 2GHZ tortoise of a system board and I don't care if it cures AIDS I ain't buying it..

Get real people,
Here is the reality check,,

533 Mhz cpu, 512 MB DDR Ram, ATI Radeon M9 64Mb and Audio 5.1 onboard

459,00 euro
332 euro *
667 Mhz cpu, 512 MB DDR Ram, ATI Radeon M9 64Mb and Audio 5.1 onboard

489,00 euro
* this promotion will end on september, 30th!

Sam440ep board with 512 MB DDR Ram, ATI Radeon M9 64MB and Audio 5.1 onboard, SATA DVD-RW, SATA 80 Gb Hard Disk, Logitech Optical Mouse

533 Mhz CPU, Psile case (Black or White)

765,00 euro
667 Mhz CPU, Psile case (Black or White)

795,00 euro
533 Mhz CPU, NEXUS AVANCE P002 case

590,00 euro
667 Mhz CPU, NEXUS AVANCE P002 case

620,00 euro
533 Mhz CPU, GA630iBK case

650,00 euro
667 Mhz CPU, GA630iBK case

680,00 euro

Not happening.. Thats like * 1.6 converting for vat and usd exchange rate..

People.. who would pay 800 bucks for a 667 Mhz PC? If so I cot a few PII's and PIII's to put on ebay..

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@ auzieman

People.. who would pay 800 bucks for a 667 Mhz PC? If so I cot a few PII's and PIII's to put on ebay..

It is sure you are unaware that retro Amigas A4000 with 68040 at 25 MHz expanded with double CPU 68060 at 60 MHz + PPC at 200 MHz are sold at 1000, 1500 and even 3000 euro (three thousands euro) on ebay, and 200 MHz is really UNDERPOWERED SYSTEM for any OS except AmigaOS.

See these comments in a thread of Amiga users in which was commented the fact that an elder classic Amiga was priced on ebay STARTING at 750 euro and for another classic Amiga bid ended at 1020 Euro except delivery...

(Italian language readers only.

Google-translate if you do not understand that language)

People will spend lots of money for their HOBBY, and really these are the prices of pimped classic Amigas.

Get real people,
Here is the reality check,,

533 Mhz cpu, 512 MB DDR Ram, ATI Radeon M9 64Mb and Audio 5.1 onboard


These are the prices of the first batch of motherboards produced in limited quantities and aimed mainly at developers and core users...

And sure he who loves Amiga and has still an old underpowered A1200 with standard CPU Motorola 68EC020 (no MMU) at 14 MHz, then he will agree to pay even lots of money for upgrade system or buy a new Amiga...

Passion for hobbies costs, but hobbists are ready to pay lots of money...

And sure buying a computer that REALLY OBEYS in no time the commands of the users making no any dirty tricks as Windows, and that does not requires a degree in computer science as Linux then it has NO ANY PRICE LIMIT...

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Like I said once they ship I'll still be on them like flies on poo ;)

However mine will be that 533mhz model..

Don't get me wrong an old 2000-4000 has special a special place in peoples hearts and though I think it to be madness your right they do go for huge amounts of money these days.

Sam however is related only by the faint relation of its OS.. No toaster boards, no classic ami games etc. etc..

However those new screenshots hint at a wee more evolved AOS.. Though yea that theme is very old school..

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actually, quite a few OSes out there run fine @ 200mhz ;) NEXTSTEP, BeOS R5, Various Windows releases, several Linux distros, BSDs, VMS... ;D I'll admit, the Amiga OS is rather impressive on low specced hardware.

And yeah, if I had money, I'd pay a fortune for a massively upgraded A4kT, but *not* for a new machine, that isnt a collectors item, that is pathetically low end for the current day and age.

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