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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y A very interesting "Blogwatch" posting at Computerworld links out to an interview with Richard Stallman wherein he posits that Cloud Computing is a trap to entice users to give up control and privacy and become subject to closed, proprietary platforms. Since RMS is a professional provocateur, I wouldn't consider all of his pronouncements newsworthy. But the thoughtful responses linked in this blog roundup were interesting, and I believe the issue of convenience vs control vis a vis Cloud Computing is a very timely and important debate to be having at this point in IT history.
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RE: I never thought I'd...
by antwarrior on Wed 1st Oct 2008 12:25 UTC in reply to "I never thought I'd..."
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disagree with so many. :-(
I am in the generation right behind you by half a decade and I have to say that we do put a lot of information out there. I dont understand though, why this causes so much more concern now when it has ALWAYS been this way. I don't know if cloud computing has just made us suddenly aware of the implications and caused us to wrongfully blame it for a terrifying scenario that we could be in if we wholefully adopt it when we are already in it. I know it sounds a bit alarmist and we should be more careful with our data in the real world and on the internet (the distinction is moot)but come on, let progress occur and let us dim the chimes of the populist voices that seek to hinder the small evolutionary steps of technological advancement :-)

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When I screwed up in highschool, the whole small town knew and living that down didn't happen over night.. but it happened.

Today, when a highschool kid does something stupid, they document it on facebook or a dozen other internet hosted locations. They don't control that information, it belongs too the server provider the moment they hit the post button. It is perminently documented, can and will be found and used for unintended purposes. These previously highschool students are now being declined for job opertunities or graduate school applications. "we would like to have accepted your application but your background check turned up X, Y.. and W. We do not feel you are the best selection for the possition we are offering.."

At one time, it was completely normal to allow children out to play in the neibourhood and after dark; not many folk in the city that still feel that way.. unattended kids playing outside, or after dark.

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Today, when a highschool kid does something stupid, they document it on facebook or a dozen other internet hosted locations.

Back in my day, the principal would threaten to put the stupid $#!% we did on our 'permanent record', a mythical document I don't believe exists.

These days, the kids do it themselves!

We've got more to worry about from our own stupidity than from any conspiracy. Besides, (working) conspiracies take foresight, discipline, and cooperation, all traits I'd love to see in more people.

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