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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y A very interesting "Blogwatch" posting at Computerworld links out to an interview with Richard Stallman wherein he posits that Cloud Computing is a trap to entice users to give up control and privacy and become subject to closed, proprietary platforms. Since RMS is a professional provocateur, I wouldn't consider all of his pronouncements newsworthy. But the thoughtful responses linked in this blog roundup were interesting, and I believe the issue of convenience vs control vis a vis Cloud Computing is a very timely and important debate to be having at this point in IT history.
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I think you missed the following note at the bottom of his page:

Warning: taking the Church of Emacs (or any church) too seriously may be hazardous to your health.

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No, I didn't miss it. Richard Stallman can be more jocular than most people like to give him credit for, but that doesn't mean he's not dead serious about his free software ideals.

But since we're discussing the facetious side of Stallman's character, have you read the "Free as in Freedom" book?[1] I was very much caught by surprise in the ending scene of chapter 5, where Stallman suddenly pulls a prank on the waiter when they leave a Chinese restaurant where the interview took place. (And the same fifth chapter also mentions Stallman's jest that "giving the Linus Torvalds Award to the Free Software Foundation is a bit like giving the Han Solo Award to the Rebel Alliance".) It's a funny incident, check it out if you haven't yet read it. ;-)


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