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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Sunday we reported on an interview with an MSI manager, who stated that internal research had shown that the return rate for the Linux version of MSI's Wind netbook was four times as high as that of the Windows XP version. He claimed that the unfamiliarity of people with Linux was the culprit. This claim sparked some serious discussion around the net, but now MSI's statement is being repeated by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.
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Linux needs exposure!
by ruel24 on Wed 8th Oct 2008 00:33 UTC
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Look...let's face three facts here: First, people want familiarity. Gnome isn't familiar to Windows users. KDE might fair better, but not by much. They're used to Windows, and that's what the expect on any computer they buy that's not a Mac.

Second, people that switch to Mac switch for the cool factor. Linux simply isn't on the coolness radar screen. It's a great OS I use everyday, but to the mass public, Mac = iPod = iPhone = sheek. Linux = geek. It's public perception.

Last, the mass public knows little, if anything, about Linux. There are no ads with "I'm Linux" or anything. It lives in obscurity. Linux needs to be seen, heard, and touched by the public, while knowing what they're using. Sure, there are lots of users that use gadgets based upon Linux, but they don't realize they're using Linux. They really need to be educated on what it offers them, how cool Compiz is, and the choices there are. Ubuntu is not synonymous with Linux, despite the fanboys. There are lots of other choices and some of them are darn good. They need to be educated about this stuff. Maybe IBM, Novell, Red Hat, Mandriva, Canonnical, and Debian can pool some money together and get an ad campaign together?

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RE: Linux needs exposure!
by hobgoblin on Wed 8th Oct 2008 02:09 in reply to "Linux needs exposure!"
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yep, im starting to worry that even people that never plan on owning a ipod is using itunes as their main media player thanks to word of mouth or similar...

but then thats how i learned about napster and winamp back in the day...

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