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Linux While Ext4 was originally merged in 2.6.19, it was marked as a development filesystem. It has been a long time coming but as planned, Ext4dev has been renamed to Ext4 in 2.6.28 to indicate its level of maturity and paving the way for production level deployments. Ext4 filesystem developer Ted Tso also endorsed Btrfs as a multi-vendor, next generation filesystem and along with the interest from Andrew Morton, Btrfs is planned to be merged before 2.6.29 is released. It will follow a similar development process to Ext4 and be initially marked as development only.
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Hmm .... i don't think you will see brtfs in 2010 in real production. The development of a totally new filesystem is a longer process. Just think about the time ext needed to get production ready. Or the fact that reiserfs is still suspected to loose files when loaded with millions of files. brtfs it's not like ext[1-4], which is a evolutionary development, it's something completely new.

BTW: The whole brtfs development looks like a "Oh, heck, we need something similar to ZFS ...". I hope they make a better job with brtfs as with systemtap. And i do not believe that the ZFS development will stop ... in 2010 ZFS will have more features, too.

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