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Linux ServerWatch writes about the slow but sure death of UNIX by the onslaught of Linux and customers moving from older proprietary UNIX systems to commercially supported open source enterprise Linux distributions. "Linux does have one killer feature that is driving the switch: lower cost. Many companies are discovering Linux to be extremely attractive from a cost perspective. Take the experience of Sabre, a travel company that replaced Solaris with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) running on x86 machines, resulting in lowering costs 90 percent (with a three-fold speed gain to boot). These potential cost savings, which include hardware maintenance costs savings, are not to sniffed at."
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To be unix certified it's not just a case of purchasing a certificate from the nearest unix cert reseller, the OS has to meet certain standards and i find BSD/Mac OSX a little neater than Linux when it comes to layout.

The unix cert is not really for the desktop users, from what i can see it's forethought in apple positioning itself to sell more and more of their server software and hardware to businesses.

Agree with the other posters, this article is pretty poor, from what i can see unix will be around for a very long time to come, yes linux has got into certain datacenters, however there will always be a place for Unix, like theres a place for Windows Server.

What i mean by adding in Windows into that line is that it's annoying to see the age old argument that for one OS to win the others have to fail. This has been the argument on the desktop for a long time. However as many have said including Jobs, Gates etc.. computers are prevalent enough that there is enough room in the market for these systems to continue to thrive without the death of another.

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