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Linux ServerWatch writes about the slow but sure death of UNIX by the onslaught of Linux and customers moving from older proprietary UNIX systems to commercially supported open source enterprise Linux distributions. "Linux does have one killer feature that is driving the switch: lower cost. Many companies are discovering Linux to be extremely attractive from a cost perspective. Take the experience of Sabre, a travel company that replaced Solaris with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) running on x86 machines, resulting in lowering costs 90 percent (with a three-fold speed gain to boot). These potential cost savings, which include hardware maintenance costs savings, are not to sniffed at."
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by ebasconp on Thu 23rd Oct 2008 20:35 UTC
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The "price ZERO" argument is valid for me, a simple person with one computer and no much money... but is not valid for a big company which prefers to pay a lot of money but having support, updates and the warranty their software and ther data will be available as much as possible.

A big company will pay all the needed money to have their info secure and available, that's why the old UNIXes or the enterprise supported Linux [Suse, RedHat] or MSWindows will never lose their place in the enterprise market.

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