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Mono Project Build applications for Linux while maintaining cross-platform capabilities using .NET languages.
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xpcom and programming languages
by on Mon 19th Sep 2005 18:48 UTC

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I found it an interesting read and tried the examples. When I read about the fact that one can use other languages with the .Net-framework I had to think about xpcom (the framework on which firefox, ... is build). They have that too as far as I know. It's called xpConnect. Anyway, they have it for javascript/C++/... I believe they are working on python. Maybe also other languages ... Reading it again, I can be wrong ...


Michel Brabants

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I have looked at XPCOM and let me tell you the c bindings were horrific and made Corba look nice. GObject is a far better common object system especially when full introspection gets added as you will be able to do everything that XPCOM can do.

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