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Linux Would the internet as we know it exist without Linux? "Absolutely not", says Rich Menga. "Where Linux shines the most is in its server applications". In the 1990's "There were thousands of Mom n' Pop ISPs that operated out of a garage and the vast majority of them were all running Linux. Windows couldn't do it back then and neither could MacOS. What would you have used that you could afford? Netware? Lotus Domino? HP-UX (that requires those refrigerator-sized HP servers)? Linux was literally the only OS out there that had the right price (free), ran similar to a Unix and could use existing computers of the time to connect customers. The internet as we know it today predominantly runs on Linux. There's an extremely high probability that the internet connection you're using right now is connected through a Linux server - and routed through many other Linux servers along the way."
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RE: Linux losing ground?
by apoclypse on Thu 30th Oct 2008 01:07 UTC in reply to "Linux losing ground?"
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That's because every idiot who gets a two week degree and certificate from MS wouldn't know what a real server OS looked like if it was sitting in front of them. There are fewer admins that can administer a *nix based server and windows admins are a dime a dozen. I've seen windows admins scratch their heads in consternation when a server goes down, "Duh, what happened?". Try getting one of these guys to administer a linux machine and they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. Scratch that try to get them to administer a BSD machine which is even easier (imo) to administer than Linux, and they would stare at you blankly wondering where the button on the UI is to add a user.

Red Hat(and Suse) has done a lot to make server administration easy and that is why they are so popular in that space, but you still have to have a solid base of knowledge that frankly I don't see in most windows admins and I think that is rather sad.

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